Lisha's FR Building wires are insulated with a Fire Retardant (FR) PVC Compound to provide added safety against electric shocks, short circuit and fires. This FR PVC Compound not only has high oxygen and temperature index but also offers high insulation resistance and dielectric strength. Furthermore, the wires are ISI marked and meet the requirements of is 694:1990.

    Unique Process Features
  • On - line wire drawing and annealing
  • High Speed extruders (up to 500 meters per minute)
  • Co-extruded PVC insulation for better insulation & electrical properties
  • Automatic on- line Critical Diameter control
  • Stringent Quality Control

    Salient Features
  • Better Conductivity: Because of the low resistance and silver impurity present in the copper, the conductivity is more than 101%
  • Fire retardant: It catches fire only at a temp above 240°c and needs at least 29% oxygen to burn, which is not available in the atmosphere hence it is self-extinguishing.
  • Skin colorations: Color is only on the surface whereas the insulation is of white PVC compound ensuring good insulation properties
  • Longer Life: Tested for long duration which ensures its long life up to 50 years if used within specified current ratings.
  • Manufactured on computer-controlled automic Nokia Mayfiler machines, where OD (over all diameter) controller and 6KV spark tester is fitted on line. These tests were performed on the final product.
  • The resistance of 1 sq mm wire as per IS Standards should be lower than 18.1 ohm/ km 20'C temperature. Lisha wires' resistance of 1 sq mm is between 17.9-8.1 ohms/km, which is low, hence results in saving of power.

Lisha Wires are available in the following colors

All sizes available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green *


* available in green colour only

What makes us different?

Criteria Lisha Wires Other Wires
Purity of Copper 99.97% 99.95%
Conductivity 102-103% Less than 100%
Resistance 1 = 17.9 lower 1 = 18.1
Oxygen Index 29% 23%
Proper Gauge/Size = 14/.3 1 = 14/.26 = 13/.3