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  FR Building Wires  

Unique Process Features

On - line wire drawing and annealing

High Speed extruders
      (up to 500 meters per minute)

Co-extruded PVC insulation for better insulation
      & electrical properties

Automatic on- line Critical Diameter control

Stringent Quality Control

Available in following colours :-


FR Building wires are insulated with a Fire Retardant (FR) PVC Compound to provide added safety. This FR PVC Compound has a high oxygen and temperature index. This special compound also offers high insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

These ISI marked wires meet the requirements of is 694:1990. In addition, they also offer Fire Retardant Properties which means extra protection against electric shocks, short circuit and fires.

PVC Insulated Fire Retardant Building Wire
                       DESCRIPTION                          RATE/Pc. Rs.
1 Sq.mm 889.00
1.5 Sq.mm 1348.00
2.5 Sq.mm 2158.00
4 Sq.mm 3139.00
6 Sq.mm 5056.00
10 Sq.mm 8557.00
16 Sq.mm 13633.00

Available in following colours :-

*0.75 Sqmm available in Green color only. Other items available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green

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