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Technical Queries

A) Lisha switches & accessories

The life of the switch is determined by the 'contact material'. We use "Silver Cadmium Oxide" contacts, manufactured by one of the most reputed companies in Asia. The advantage of this contact it that even when an overload of the rated current passes through this contact, it will not weld with the other mating contact. This results in minimum chance of short circuit and also increases the life of the switch.

The molding material (powder) used for Lisha Urea switches and accessories is called 'Urea Formaldehyde' (UF). This is one type of thermo plastic, which has very good thermal and insulating property and mechanical strengths. This is one of the insulating materials used worldwide in electrical industries since many years. Its unmatched glossy appearance, scratch free surface finish, property of not catching fire, sufficiently good mechanical strength makes this material highly favorable in the electrical industry.  Lisha Super range of switches and accessories is molded from a powder known as 'Polycarbonate'. The grade used is fire retardant GE Lexan polycarbonate.

Poly Carbonate (PC) is a type of an unbreakable industrial plastic which has got very good electrical, mechanical and thermal properties and does not catch/ spread fire even at 850 degree Celsius.

Other companies may use non-fire-retardant material Polycarbonate out of which Lisha Super is molded. This non-fire retardant material looks the same when molded but does not have fire retardant properties. Lisha Super range uses the world's best quality FR (Fire Retardant) grade 'Lexan' Polycarbonate from General Electric to mold the products.

It's a combination of socket in which we can insert plug tops of 9 countries, like 6A 3pin top, 6A 2pin top, 13A 3pin top, flat 2pin top, Mobile charger etc. This eliminates the use of additional converting sockets for imported home appliances. 

The component combination in our 5 Step fan regulator is made in such a way that it makes sure the liner variation of fan speed between the steps. The components used in our 5Step fan regulator are of high quality, which ensures, the power loss is less than 0.4% through the regulator. We provide terminals for wire connection, which ensures proper connection and avoids loose connection or accidental short circuit, which may occur because improper insulation on twisted wire. 

In dimmer type regulator, the fan speed is regulated by changing the waveform of supply voltage. To reduce the speed, some portion of sinusoidal wave of supply voltage will be cut, through electronic circuit. Hence, fan will not get supply during that period of time. This will happen 100 times in a second (Supply voltage is of 50Hz. Voltage gets its peak 50times positively and 50times negatively in a period of 1second). So, fan will get voltage and tend to rotate 100times in a second. Similarly it tends to stop 100 times because of not getting voltage, which converts into a humming sound. This will be more at lower speed because, the cutting portion of voltage will be more at lower speed and as the speed increases; voltage cutting will decrease gradually & there by the humming sound

B) Lisha Wires & Cables

The cable has two conductors, one center conductor of solid copper and the other outer conductor of Aluminum called 'Braid'. Both these conductors are mounted on the same axis. Hence it is called co-axial cable.

The cable has two conductors, one center conductor of solid copper and the other outer conductor of Aluminum called 'Braid'. Both these conductors are mounted on the same axis. Hence it is called co-axial cable.

The cables can be broadly divided into two categories: A: Power Cable: Here the driving force by which the power travels is the voltage. As a result the power transmission cables are at very high voltage but the frequency is 50 Hz. (c/s) only. B: Communication Cables: These transfer the data and signal eg. 'LAN cable' and 'Co-axial cable'. In communication cables the driving force is frequency whereas the voltage is low (in the range of 50-60 volts.) Frequency is in MegaHz (Mega means 106 ie. 1000000). The distinction is as under: i) Voice frequency 20Hz. - 4KHz. ii) Tele frequency < 30MHz. iii) Co-axial & LAN 30 -< 300MHZ-HF iv) Satellite Network > 600MHZ UHF. 

(a) Weather Damage - 1. Lighting 2. Moisture 3. Corrosion
(b) Vandalism
(c) Cable Discontinuities
(d) Pinched Cable
(e) Not laid / hung Properly
(f) Bad Joints
(g) Miss-match of resistance of components.

Customer Service Related Queries

The guarantee is for a period of 10 years on the switches from the date of purchase in case of a manufacturing defect of the product. The guarantee is for a period of 2 years on the regulators from the date of purchase.

Every switch has the year of manufacture printed behind the switch area from which you can know your year of purchase. 

It is very simple. Many students pass MBA every year, but do all of them have same caliber? And do all of them perform well? I am sure you will say 'No'. In the same way all products manufactured have different quality control tests and it could be lenient or stringent with different plus or minus acceptance in the factory. We have the world's best and most stringent quality control tests, and hence we claim our products to be the No.1 in quality in the country.

Yes our sales team person will always come at your doorstep, at your convenient time, to brief you through our products. 

Absolutely! Mention your details in our enquiry form and the catalogue/ sample would be sent to you by post/courier within 14 days. 

The complete list is stated alphabetically on 'Clientele' on the site, but to name a few,
1) The Mercedes Benz showroom
2) ANZ Grindlays Bank
3) Coca Cola
4) Bacardi Matin Ltd
5) Hero Honda Showrooms
6) Taj Hotels
7) I.T.C. Sheraton
8) Sahara Amby Valley
9) Hilton Towers
10) Tata Memorial Hospital

Company Related Queries

Our chairman and managing directors have been in the Electrical Switch Industry since the last 47 years, since 1966 and have hands-on knowledge and experience the electrical industry. They have been invited as key speakers at numerous ISI forums.